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Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden

Q. How long is the delivery time

A. It depends on how busy your order is, so be sure to contact us by phone or email.

 Please consider 1 month at the earliest, and 4 months as a guide.

* Orders will be confirmed when payment is received, and will be made in order.

If it takes time to exchange, we recommend depositing a deposit (bank transfer 10,000 yen).

Q. Is it possible to resize it?
A. Yes, I can. We support up to 230 cm in height and 300 cm in length.
The height of 230 cm has 4 steps.
Q. Is it possible to order only the ladder?
A. Yes, I can. However, please ask a local contractor or carpenter to install it on the ceiling.

Q. What is the safe load capacity of the grip bar?

A. Fixed diameter 28 mm 100 kg

  Movable stool with a diameter of 23 mm is 50 kg, and a diameter of 19 mm is 30 kg.

  A baby grip bar with a diameter of 16 mm should be about 15 kg.

In the experiment, there was no problem even if a load of 100 kg was applied to a grip bar with a diameter of 19 mm.

This value is used in consideration of safety.


Q. What is the load capacity of Tarzan ropes, swings, and baby grips?

A. The safe load capacity of Tarzan ropes and swing ropes is 280 kg.

The safe load capacity of baby grip ropes is 140 kg (70 kg per rope).

Q. What is the difference between the base lengths of 20, 25 and 30 cm?

A. The longer the base, the more resistant it is to rolling.

For elementary school children, 25 cm or more when using Tarzan rope,

If you want to increase the height on a semi-order basis, we recommend 30 cm.

If you want to bring it closer to the wall, it can be 20 cm on the wall side and 25 cm or 30 cm on the opposite side.

However, since it is usually placed on the floor, it may move or tilt depending on how it is used.

  Please use it with great care.

Q. Is the height adjustment adjusted to the height according to the age using a movable stool?

A. Yes, it is. Please adjust the height of the movable stool.

Movable stool is stepped from the bottom (10 cm, 40 cm, 70 cm)

It can be hung in 7 stages of protrusions (96.5 cm, 116.5 cm, 136.5 cm, 156.5 cm).

Q. Is it possible to adjust the height of the slide and the cross plate?

A. Yes, you can. The slide can be hung on the upper and middle steps.

You can also use it by hanging it on a movable type.

Since the crossing board is used by placing it on a movable stool, it can be adjusted in 7 steps as mentioned in ②.

Q. When I make an additional order, will the shipping cost be the same as the main unit price?

A. No, shipping will be cheaper if only options are shipped.

Please contact us as the shipping fee varies depending on the option.

Q Can adults use it?

A. Yes. The fixed load capacity is 100 kg, so adults can also use it.

Since the grip bar is thin in the movable type, please consider it for children.

Q. Is it easy to assemble?

A. Yes. It only needs to be bolted in 20 places, so it will be completed in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

It is dangerous if the pillar falls down, so please work with two or more people.

The screwdriver and assembly instructions required for assembly are included.

Q. Won't you fall down in an earthquake?

A. We do not take any special earthquake resistance measures here, but in rare cases it will not collapse.
There were two big tremors (seismic intensity 7) in the Kumamoto earthquake, but our company did not collapse.
Also, when there was an earthquake in Hokkaido, I sent a confirmation email to the customer, but everyone said that it was okay.
Please use the longest base of 30 cm, and if you have any concerns, please take such safety measures yourself.
① Fix the base to the floor.
② Fix the upper part with a rope.

Q. Isn't the triangular gap between the braces dangerous?

A. Yeah standard size Tei than has been designed in a size that does not pass through the gap between the brace is round with a diameter of 10 cm, never enter the head of the child. For those who are worried, there are also 4 closing plates sold separately for 6000 yen. Larger sizes have more braces, so they can pass through your child's head and body. If you are worried, please order the optional additional 4 braces for 10,000 yen.



It is dangerous if you use it incorrectly. We are not responsible for any injuries or injuries caused by unreasonable usage. Please use it safely within the reach of parents.

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