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Indoor wooden stool (brequation )

It is a disassembly and assembly type indoor wooden cypress made from Kumamoto cypress.

You can enjoy exercising from children to adults, and train your physical strength, grip strength, strength, and sense of balance.

Think of your ceiling for Yeah Zheng here.


Yeah is a great exercise tool for developing your child's physical intelligence. The expected effect is

*Build up stamina

* Strengthen the lungs

* Improve concentration

* Train your core

* Your hands become dexterous

* Improve spatial awareness, etc.

You can train your brain and body at the same time through play.

Giving a sickness at an important time to lay the foundation between the ages of 3 and 6 is a great way to develop your intellect and athletic performance.

In Dr. Glenn Dorman's book "How to Improve Your Baby's Athletic Ability," the effect of brexation on children is described.

Dorman Institute

Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry significance of exercise in childhood also has been written is a need for play and exercise.

Strengths and features of the KiIku workshop Yeah Tei

Withstand load 100 kg! Can be used by the family

The standard size has a load capacity of 100 kg.

Not only for children, but also for father's muscle training, for mother's diet,

Please use it for stretching (maintaining health) of grandpa and grandma.

You can make a large size

It supports semi-orders.

You can make it up to 230 cm in height and 300 cm in width.

Ideal for training such as swimming, karate, and gymnastics.

Lots of options

We have many options that can be installed easily.

You can choose the combination you like.

If you put a crossing board on the movable stool, the stool will turn into a desk or bench!

Click here for options

Careful making

It is made by careful manual work by craftsmen.

Wood making, inking, processing of the main body, precision of the grip bar, round chamfering, finish polishing, etc. can only be done because each has reliable technology.

It is durable and can be used for a long time, so I would be very happy if you could use it for your grandchildren.

The material is Japanese cypress

The main body of Unte is made of high quality solid cypress from Kumamoto prefecture, which is sawn at a local sawmill.

The thickness of the pillar is 40 mm to 43 mm.

I chose cypress because I wanted to use local wood and to make the best use of the excellent characteristics of cypress.

Benefits of cypress

* Durable (Horyuji Temple, a national treasure, is also used by Hinoki cypress. Built 1400)

* Fine and smooth texture

* Gentle wood grain, color, and texture that increases as you use it

* Relaxing scent (hinokitiol)

* Humidity control effect

* Antibacterial and insect repellent effect

Delivery record of 500 or more

So far, we have a track record of delivering more than 500 indoor units.

We have delivered a large number to general households, nursery schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, construction shops, etc. Click here for delivery results

The impressions received from customers are introduced in the Kiiku Kobo Diary.

State of delivery and customer feedback

Fine-tuned correspondence

By communicating directly with the customer, we can respond to small orders such as resizing and other requests.

We will respond in good faith to each and every one of you so that you will be glad to ask Kiiku Kobo.

Kiiku Kobo Unte (standing type)

7 strengths

Carefully handmade by craftsmen

Comprehensive playset that can be used from 0 years old

Height adjustable according to age

Reference example Mamakoya Nursery School

Free combination! !!

Transform into a comprehensive playset as an option

Carefully handmade by professional craftsmen

It is durable and can be used for a long time. Designed to withstand shaking

Easy assembly

Assembly is OK with one screwdriver

Just tighten 20 bolts! !!

Use a good-quality domestic cypress

Uses high quality cypress from Kumamoto prefecture

Beautiful wood surface and smooth touch

Delivered directly from the workshop

We will deliver good products at low prices by communicating directly with customers. We also support small orders such as size changes.

Many delivery records

General household, nursery school, kindergarten

Many deliveries such as sports clubs and construction shops

[Unte body / standard size]

Pillars with steps, fixed ridges, braces, foundations

IMG_0017 (1).jpg


本体 :熊本県産ヒノキ材 無塗装

握り棒:ビーチ(ブナ)材 自然系塗装   















[ Safety (gap between braces) ]


At Kiiku Kobo, we have