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★ The indoor gift of Kiiku Kobo has been registered as a gift for the hometown tax payment in Mashiki Town!

★ We have delivered the athlete actor Wataru Mori!

★ Unte has appeared on the YouTube channel of his wife Tomoko Kaneda!


Itsuki's Megumi Puzzle won the highest award at the Itsuki Village Birthday Celebration Competition!

"Itsuki no Megumi Puzzle" was selected as a birthday gift when Itsuki Village was declared a wood start.

I hope the children will have fun playing with the toys made from Itsuki village cedar and cypress.


We exhibited at 47 Children's Tools Exhibition!

There was an exhibition request from 47museum in Shibuya Hikarie as a representative of Kumamoto prefecture.

We have put up a set of playhouses.


Now on the cover of wire Mom!

It was published on the cover of the child-rearing information magazine Wire Mama.

It seems that readers sent a postcard saying, "I'm worried about the woodworking workshop."

Parents and children playing in the woodworking workshop seem to be very fun.


Adopted for Kumamoto Prefecture Wood Touch Promotion Project!

Wood Touch is a business that promotes the utilization of forest resources in Kumamoto Prefecture and the expansion of demand for timber produced in the prefecture.

At Kiiku Kobo, we mainly use cypress from Kumamoto prefecture.

The works adopted in FY2014 were bear punches, dog rolls, animal puzzles, shape matching, and business card holders.

We hope that Kumamoto trees, which are blessed with abundant forests, will be incorporated into our daily lives.


I registered with a repair shop in Kyushu town!

I want you to use your favorite furniture for a long time.

* I want to clean the top plate

* I want to change the color

* I want to make the top plate smaller

* I want to change the height of the table

* I want you to take the wobbling, etc.

We will repair and remake it.

Depending on the material, repair may not be possible, so please contact us first.


Re-shave and repaint the top plate


Resize the top plate, make a book stand with the remaining material


Regeneration of broken parts


Regeneration of missing parts

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