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Since the wood looks not chosen also gently place feel.

We will make it in your desired length.

At Kiiku Kobo, we also accept orders for only Untei.

The maximum length is 3 m and the maximum outer width is 530 mm (inner size of the grip bar is 450 mm).

Please feel free to contact us as we can make it in your desired size. (We will ship nationwide in the state of a ladder.)

If it is longer than 3m, connect two units.

* When installing the sword on the ceiling, it is basically necessary to reinforce the ceiling.

Please ask a carpenter or a contractor who understands the structure of the house to install it.

Mounting not Yeah example ← click we'll take you to the blog and Rick.

① Use hanging timber How to hang from a representation beam or a hidden beam

(2) Use hanging hardware How to hang it on the ceiling with hanging brackets or through bolts

③ Directly attached to the ceiling How to fix it through the ceiling with bolts or coach screw bolts

④ Others How to raise a pillar, hang it with a rope, or fix it to a wall

① Use hanging tree


② Use of hanging bracket


③ Directly attached to the ceiling


④ Other


Mounting parts

Things will be here that can be your preparation in KiIku workshop



We will make it to your desired length.

Size 2 pattern

・ 45 mm x 45 mm (when mounted orthogonal to the beam)

・ 100 mm x 40 mm (when mounted parallel to the beam)

Please let us know the length and we will give you a quote.

* About pilot hole machining allowance

One hanging tree is 110 yen (tax included)

We accept the main body for 330 yen (tax included) per place.

■ Coach screw bolt

* Through bolts cannot be prepared.

Such a type 

■ Hanging bracket (including coach screw bolt)


■ For hanging trees

Diameter 8 mm x length 65 mm

Diameter 8 mm x length 75 mm

Diameter 8 mm x length 90 mm

■ For hanging brackets

Diameter 8 mm x length 40 mm

Diameter 8 mm x length 75 mm

■ For direct mounting on the ceiling

Diameter 8 mm x length 180 mm

Diameter 8 mm x length 210 mm

Diameter 9 mm x length 240 mm

Diameter 9mm × length 270㎜


The length of the arm is changeable. As a guide

2 pieces in 2m

2 pieces in 2.6 m

Use 4 pieces for 3m

The price is 2 pieces (1 set) 11000 yen (tax included)

* The larger the number, the stronger it is.

* We also accept orders for climbing ladders, climbing rods, and joists (trees that can be inserted between the ceiling and the joists).

* Click here for orders and quotations Inquiry form

Resistant to sunburn and dirt and easy to clean! Keeps the state of clean white wood for a long time.

With 100% matte, the appearance is almost the same as unpainted.

The paint uses F ☆☆☆☆ products that have cleared safety standards.

  1. undercoat

  2. Sanding

  3. Topcoat

  4. Finish

By veteran craftsmen

It's a polite job.

Ceiling photo studio


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