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[Unte body / standard size]

Pillars with steps, fixed stools, braces, foundation

IMG_0017 (1).jpg

Size: Width 180 cm Height 185 cm Depth 50 cm + base

Body: Unpainted cypress wood from Kumamoto prefecture

Grip bar: Beach (beech) material Natural paint   

Fixed type: 7 28mm grip bars (25cm intervals)

Safe load capacity: 100 kg

* With assembly instructions, 20 bolts, a hand-cranked screwdriver, and a non-slip mat

127,050 yen (tax included, shipping not included)

* You can choose the length of the base from 20, 25, and 30 cm. (The longer one is more resistant to rolling.)

25 cm or more is recommended for children over elementary school age and for using Tarzan rope.

All prices will be the same.

Basic set (Unte main body + movable Unte single + balance beam)

Movable single


Balance beam

It is a set with a balance beam and a balance beam that can be adjusted in height for small children.

Movable size: Length 185 cm Width 39 cm Thickness 10 cm

Grip bars: 8 23 mm grip bars (20 cm intervals)

Safe load capacity: 23 mm 50 kg

162,450 yen (tax included, shipping not included)

Advantageous set menu (tax included, shipping not included) Discounted price!


★ Basic set (Unte main body, movable single, balance beam)

162,450 yen (2000 yen discount)

★ Popular NO.1 set (Unte body, movable single, Tarzan rope, climbing pole 195 cm)

186,750 yen (3000 yen discount)

★ Slide set (slide body, movable single, cross plate, slide)       

195,000 yen (3000 yen discount)

★ Special Set (Yeah have a body, movable single, average platform, plank, slides, Tarzan rope, swings, climbing Ribo 195㎝)

248,550 yen (5,000 yen discount)

Yeah option price list (tax included)

* Movable Unte Reversible 40,150 yen

* Movable single     29,150 yen

* Balance beam 8,250 yen

* Balance beam of logs 15,400 yen

* Balance beam base 9,350 yen

* Slide 32,450 yen

* Tarzan rope 9,350 yen

* Swing 13,750 yen

* Crossing board 9,350 yen

* Crossing board table 34,650 yen

* Climbing rod (195 cm) 24,200 yen

* Climbing rod (230 cm) 27,500 yen

* Baby grip bar 4,400 yen

* Yeah bookshelf   33,000 yen

* Brace gap filling 4 sheets 7,150 yen

* Additional 4 braces 11,500 yen

* Climbing panel (without hold) 77,000 yen

* Climbing hold 32 8,800 yen



IMG_1006 (1).jpg






Swing top

Detachable with one touch

Upper part of Tarzan rope

Easy installation just by inserting the pipe

* Please replace the swing and Tarzan rope.



Design registered design number 1654931

Arm specification of which holds the panel has been changed now. The panel is divided into two vertically.

About options

IMG_1006 (1).jpg

Single not Yeah movable

29,150 yen (tax included)

It is a movable single type. Eight grip bars with a diameter of 23 mm are attached. It is also possible to put a crossing board on it to make it flat. If you don't need reversible, please click here.











32,450 yen (tax included)

You can use it by hanging it on the step (upper, middle) or movable stool. The normal tilt angle is about 30 degrees. When stored, it does not take up space if it is turned inward.


Crossing board

9,350 yen (tax included)

It is a plate with a thickness of 18 mm that can be used by placing it on a movable stool. There is a crosspiece on the back so it will not shift. For fixed scaffolding, slide approaches, tables, benches, and high-high practice.

Crossing board table

34,650 yen (tax included)

It is a shape in which a movable stool and a cross plate are integrated. You can also change the height. If you don't need a movable type, please click here. (The grip bar is not attached.)


Baby grip bar

4,400 yen (tax included)

A small grip bar (16 mm in diameter) that fits in your baby's hand. The safe load capacity is 15 kg.

It can be used from babies to about 3 years old. Please practice grasping the grip bar.

Tarzan rope

9,350 yen (tax included)

It is the most popular option to sit and climb and to improve your child's sense of balance.

It is easy to remove by simply inserting a plate with a pipe into the hole made in the upper part of the fixed container. Disk diameter is about 30 cm.


13,750 yen (tax included)

Train your child's sense of balance. Small children can also be placed on their mother's lap and swayed. The rope can be removed with a single touch. Please note that in the case of the standard size, if you shake it too much, your foot will hit the step.


Climbing pole A type

24,200 yen (tax included)

The diameter of the rod is about 40 mm. The height is 195 cm for standard and 230 cm for semi-order (27,500 yen). The upper part is bolted so that the rod does not rotate. It will come out 37 cm from the beginning.


Climbing pole B type

24,200 yen (tax included)

It is a type that attaches a climbing rod to the base side of the climbing. It will save space.

There are 195 cm and 230 cm in height. The upper part is fixed with bolts. It will come out 37 cm from the beginning.


Climbing panel

77,000 yen (tax included)

Panel size height 189㎝ width 100㎝ thickness 6㎝. Since 36 nuts with claws are buried, the hold can be changed freely.

(Hold is not included.)

Safety design with no bolts on the back. The distance between the panel and the panel is 30 cm, so even a movable model can be moved smoothly.


Balance beam of logs (length 185 cm)

15,400 yen (tax included)

Uses polished logs of cedar. Because it is a log, you can strengthen your sense of balance. You can use it by hanging it on the main body step.

You can make up to 3m in semi-order.

When used alone, please use the balance beam sold separately.


Set of 2 balance beams

9,350 yen (tax included)

Balance beam, base for log balance beam.

You can use the balance beam alone.

There are legs so you don't have to worry about falling over.


Log balance beam mini (length 100 cm)

5,500 yen (tax included)

A short version of the polished log of Sugi.

It is integrated with the base. It's interesting to put it in a zigzag pattern.

Please enjoy the feel of wood with bare feet.


Four plate closes gap

7,150 yen (tax included)

Use when you want to fill the triangular gaps of standard size braces.

It is designed so that the child's head does not fit even without a board.


Braces additional four

¥ 11,550 (tax included)

It is a brace to fill the gap of the large size brace.

It is a safety measure because the child's head and body do not fit.


Yeah they bookshelf

33,000 yen (tax included)

Use it by hooking it on the grip bar. The height of the shelf board can be changed.

Size: Width 75 cm Height 61 cm Depth 25 cm

Optional notes

-The cross plate cannot be used alone. If you want to use it by itself, please order the "crossing board table".

-Even if the cross plate is placed on a movable and reversible, it will not be flat. It will come out about 1 cm above.

・ Movable sill can be slanted up to 1 step.

-Swings and Tarzan ropes are slightly compatible with the main body. We recommend ordering at the same time as the main unit.

-Temporarily assemble both the main body and options before shipping. At that time, some stains and scratches may occur. Please understand.


Click here for a video of how to assemble and how to use the options



おすすめサイト 暮らしのマーケット




You can paint urethane well!

Resistant to sunburn and dirt and easy to clean! Keeps the state of clean white wood for a long time.

With 100% matte, the appearance is almost the same as unpainted.

The paint uses F ☆☆☆☆ products that have cleared safety standards.

[Urethane coating fee] (Price including tax)

Standard size body 22000 yen

Movable Unte 11000 yen

Movable single 7700 yen

Balance beam 3300 yen

Balance beam base 2200 yen

Slide 11000 yen

Swing 2200 yen

Tarzan rope 2200 yen

Crossing board 4400 yen

Baby grip stick 1100 yen

Climbing stick 5500 yen

Climbing panel 8800 yen

I recommend this hotel!

  • I'm worried about dirt and sunburn

  • I want to disinfect with alcohol

  • Used by a large number of people such as nursery schools and kindergartens

  1. undercoat

  2. Sanding

  3. Topcoat

  4. Finish

By veteran craftsmen

It's a polite job.


* Please contact us for the large size painting fee.

* We also accept urethane coating for ceilings.

* Basically, it is a clear paint.

If it is brown or white with transparent wood grain, it can be colored.

About delivery

* Shipping charges vary by region. As a guide, here is the shipping fee (standard size) between Kumamoto and Tokyo.

Unte body (2 packages) 13640 yen (tax included)

Basic set (2 packages) 15620 yen (tax included)

Basic set + slide (3 packages) 19250 yen (tax included)

* Luggage will be delivered by Seino Transportation (Kangaroo).

* Options other than slides can be included in the package. If it is large, it may be packed separately.

* For larger sizes, we may ask for the assistance of the driver upon arrival.

* Since it will be handled as a large cargo for individuals, you cannot specify the time. (You can enter the desired date.)

* Additional charges apply for Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands.

* We have transportation insurance in case of damage during shipping.

* Yes, it will be made to order.

* We also accept semi-orders and orders only for sushi.

* We accept nationwide delivery.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Click here for a detailed introduction of Unte.

* Click here for frequently asked questions Q & A

* Click here for customer feedback Customer feedback

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