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[Unte body / standard size]

Pillars with steps, fixed stools, braces, foundation

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本体 :熊本県産ヒノキ材 無塗装

握り棒:ビーチ(ブナ)材 自然系塗装   






*土台の長さは25、30㎝からお選びください。  (長い方が横揺れに強くなります。)

*壁に寄せる場合は20㎝の土台もございます。  (お値段は同じになります。)





Basic set (Unte main body + movable Unte single + balance beam)

Movable single


Balance beam

It is a set with a balance beam and a balance beam that can be adjusted in height for small children.

Movable size: Length 185 cm Width 39 cm Thickness 10 cm

Grip bars: 8 23 mm grip bars (20 cm intervals)

Safe load capacity: 23 mm 50 kg

162,450 yen (tax included, shipping not included)


Advantageous set menu (tax included, shipping not included) Discounted price!

★ Basic set (Unte main body, movable single, balance beam)

162,450 yen (2000 yen discount)

★ Popular NO.1 set (Unte body, movable single, Tarzan rope, climbing pole 195 cm)

186,750 yen (3000 yen discount)

★ Slide set (slide body, movable single, cross plate, slide)       

195,000 yen (3000 yen discount)





Yeah option price list (tax included)

* Movable Unte Reversible 40,150 yen

* Movable single     29,150 yen

* Balance beam 8,250 yen

* Balance beam of logs 15,400 yen

* Balance beam base 9,350 yen

* Slide 32,450 yen

* Tarzan rope 9,350 yen

* Swing 13,750 yen

* Crossing board 9,350 yen

* Crossing board table 34,650 yen

* Climbing rod (195 cm) 24,200 yen

* Climbing rod (230 cm) 27,500 yen

* Baby grip bar 4,400 yen

* Yeah bookshelf   33,000 yen

* Brace gap filling 4 sheets 7,150 yen

* Additional 4 braces 11,500 yen

* Climbing panel (without hold) 77,000 yen

* Climbing hold 32 8,800 yen


You can paint urethane well!

Resistant to sunburn and dirt and easy to clean! Keeps the state of clean white wood for a long time.

With 100% matte, the appearance is almost the same as unpainted.

The paint uses F ☆☆☆☆ products that have cleared safety standards.

[Urethane coating fee] (Price including tax)

Standard size body 22000 yen

Movable Unte 11000 yen

Movable single 7700 yen

Balance beam 3300 yen

Balance beam base 2200 yen

Slide 11000 yen

Swing 2200 yen

Tarzan rope 2200 yen

Crossing board 4400 yen

Baby grip stick 1100 yen

Climbing stick 5500 yen

Climbing panel 8800 yen

I recommend this hotel!

  • I'm worried about dirt and sunburn

  • I want to disinfect with alcohol

  • Used by a large number of people such as nursery schools and kindergartens

  1. undercoat

  2. Sanding

  3. Topcoat

  4. Finish

By veteran craftsmen

It's a polite job.


* Please contact us for the large size painting fee.

* We also accept urethane coating for ceilings.

* Basically, it is a clear paint.

If it is brown or white with transparent wood grain, it can be colored.

About delivery

Anchor 2

* Shipping charges vary by region. As a guide, here is the shipping fee (standard size) between Kumamoto and Tokyo.

Unte body (2 packages) 13640 yen (tax included)

Basic set (2 packages) 15620 yen (tax included)

Basic set + slide (3 packages) 19250 yen (tax included)

* Luggage will be delivered by Seino Transportation (Kangaroo).

* Options other than slides can be included in the package. If it is large, it may be packed separately.

* For larger sizes, we may ask for the assistance of the driver upon arrival.

* Since it will be handled as a large cargo for individuals, you cannot specify the time. (You can enter the desired date.)

* Additional charges apply for Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands.

* We have transportation insurance in case of damage during shipping.

* Yes, it will be made to order.

* We also accept semi-orders and orders only for sushi.

* We accept nationwide delivery.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Click here for a detailed introduction of Unte.

* Click here for frequently asked questions Q & A

* Click here for customer feedback Customer feedback

Click here for a video of how to assemble and how to use the options



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