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Thoughts of Kiiku Kobo

The name "Kiiku"

I want you to grow up familiar with trees since you were a child

We hope that even after wood becomes a product, we will continue to live in our daily lives.

Things that you want to give to someone even if you don't use them, things that are passed down to your children and grandchildren.

Making things that can be used for 3 generations or 100 years.

For that reason, I would like to make furniture that is simple, timeless, and useful for daily life, while considering the nature of wood as much as possible.

The materials used are mainly hinoki cypress from Kumamoto prefecture, walnut from North America, alder, and European beach (buna).

We will deliver gentle wood products that you can feel the warmth of wood while taking advantage of the natural texture.

Playsets and wooden toys are carefully polished and finished without painting, so even small children can use them with confidence.

The furniture finish paint uses vegetable baton (conforming to the Food Sanitation Law), which is friendly to both people and the environment, and kinuka oil made from rice.

We recommend urethane coating for the table top, which is resistant to water and easy to clean.

You can choose the grade and paint when ordering. Please feel free to contact us.

From the workshop to the customer directly. We value connections and want to be a workshop that is familiar to our customers.

In the showroom next to the workshop, you can actually use the playset and see the atmosphere of the furniture.

Please come and visit us with your family.

Thoughts on tree education

"Tree education" means that all people, including children, "contact with trees, learn from trees, and live with trees" through "creating a rich heart that allows people to think independently about their relationships with trees and forests." It is actively promoted as "nurturing".

This activity aims to foster people who can contribute to forestation by incorporating trees into their lives.

What we can do in the wood education workshop is to help make the wood feel closer to us.

We use natural wood to deliver furniture, playsets, and toys that are useful for our daily lives.

We want everyone, from babies to grandpas and grandmas, to feel the warmth of wood.

Especially in early childhood, it is important to interact with the tree with all five senses.

See, hear, touch, smell, put in your mouth and feel good.
By giving warm wooden toys, we promote the prosperous growth of children and at the same time.

Foster "compassion" and "kindness" for nature.

I wish my first toy was a wooden toy!

Kiiku Kobo is supporting the wood start.

The "Itsuki no Megumi Puzzle" from Kiiku Kobo was selected as a gift for the birth of Itsuki Village in 2017.

If you can enrich your life and heart with the wood products of the wood education workshop,

With that as a goal, I am working hard every day to make it.

Thoughts in the logo


The wooden character of the wood education studio is the image of cypress. This is Dad Tree.

Next to that, a child tree, Kurumi-chan, and a mother tree, Sakura Mama, are holding hands.

And it is firmly rooted in the green ground, and it is friendly and kindly watching over.

Through the playset and furniture made at the Kiiku Kobo, we hope that the family will be happy for a long time.

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