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Happy voice from customers


Mr. M, Niigata Prefecture Indoor

The other day, it arrived safely, assembled by my daughter and my husband, and my daughter is happy to use it every day.
My daughter aims to be a swimmer and has been practicing swimming every day since kindergarten.
I longed for Rikako Ikee and said that I would like to train every day using Untei.
We, the parents, were against it, so I asked Santa Claus in a letter, and when I received the message, "Santa Claus gave me, you're supporting me," I was delighted with tears.
Thank you very much for your kindness.
I'm sure my daughter will take good care of her for her favorite swimming race.


Saitama Prefecture O-sama for ceiling

I will send you a photo as the photo was successfully installed and handed over.

We had you implement it in the corridor leading to the storage in the back of the cabin, which is not usually used.

The texture of the wood matches well with the atmosphere of the house, and it is a very nice finish that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you attach it to the ceiling.

My two sons are the most pleased. I was playing with the railings and window frames of the stairs leading up to the loft. Thank you very much!


Mr. A, Shizuoka Prefecture

I will finally calm down (* ⌒∇⌒ *) and send it.

My son, who was sent to me before, was installed safely and has grown taller than that time, and he uses a small sofa as a foothold to put his feet on the rope.

The other day, I was shocked by the fight against illness of my respected Rikako Ikee, who made me make this sickness, but now I hope that I will slowly face treatment.

I couldn't shoot well and I'm sorry ☺

It seems that the texture is the best (= ^ ω ^) I will use it carefully.


Mr. Nagamoto Construction Ceiling

We become indebted to. I was late to contact you, but I was able to install it safely.

I couldn't take a photo of you because it wasn't handed over, but I will send you a construction photo.

Thanks to you, we were able to request that you install it even during the tour. If you move on to a specific story, we will consult with you again.

You can deliver it safely today. Thank you very much.

We look forward to working with you in the future.


Gifu Prefecture Y Ceiling

Finally, I have set up a new house, so I will send you a photo.
I kept it a secret from the children for a long time, but they were very pleased to see the installation.
It's higher than what I usually play in kindergarten, so I'm still scared and need help, but I've been playing over and over again.
Thank you for making a really nice sushi.


Tokyo W indoors

I am very satisfied with the assembly.
It was a very good product.
Thank you very much.
Although it is a small condominium (56mm2), it can be used without any problems.


Saitama Prefecture M Mr. Ceiling

The product arrived and I installed it immediately!
The children are overjoyed and sick like a monkey's daily routine! ️
Thank you 😊


Saitama Prefecture A, indoors

Thank you for your support the other day.

I assembled it the night it arrived.

My daughter was a lot of fun, and she liked the Tarzan rope, so she jumped on her own the next day.

I'm doing it with the help of climbing rods.

It feels smooth and has a nice scent, and is familiar to the room.

I was convinced that he would play every day and grow up well ^ _ ^

Thank you very much.


Saitama Prefecture T-sama Indoor

Thank you for your help.

Yeah, thank you very much.

I was working together and couldn't pick it up on weekdays, so I picked it up yesterday and assembled it by redelivery.

Especially okay. Thank you very much.

This time, thank you very much.

My daughter was really happy too. I will be 5 years old soon. It was a wonderful birthday present.

Somehow I've come to want something else. I may ask you again. In that case, thank you.

Thank you very much for making a wonderful sushi.

I will send you some photos. Nice to meet you.

Thank you very much.


Yamaguchi Prefecture O-sama Indoor

Mr. Kiiku Kobo

The assembly was completed successfully.

My son also likes it and plays with it.

I want you to use it a lot, so I'm considering a board that can be used as a desk.

Thank you very much.


Okinawa Prefecture K indoors

Recently, my son often grabs stick-shaped objects, and I thought it would be good, so I hurriedly asked him to buy it while he was interested.

Sure enough, I really like it! !!

I can't do it alone yet, but I grab it with one hand and laugh a lot ☆

I also like climbing poles and slides, and the slides climb instead of slipping! That's why we call it a climbing platform. Lol

In addition, my wife also lacked exercise after childbirth, so when I started to get sick, I am happy to say that my body became lighter in a few days.

The whole family is very happy! !!

I would like to thank you for your polite response by sending me an additional non-slip mat.

I will use it carefully.

Thank you very much for this time.


Tokyo K-sama Indoor

Hello, the other day, I received a crossing board with a curtain board, and it fits perfectly in the way I used to use it.

Children use it for drawing and playing, and because the desk is wide, they use it in their own way.
Also, it seems that it can be used as a party desk when calling a lot of customers such as children's birthday parties, and I am happy that it is easy to put on and take off.
Thank you very much.


NPO Torata no Kai Arinkoen-sama Indoor

The elders took on the challenge first, and everyone was horrified but enjoyed climbing.
It seems that even small children like it, and they can't leave the side of the noodles.
I want to play if I'm a child too! Lol Thank you very much for your wonderful work. I want to use it carefully.


Pichu no Mori Children's Garden

While saying "I'm scared", I was happy to cross the balance beam. At first I walked with crabs, and then I crossed with my legs alternately.

Since it is an athletic meet, I will practice a lot from now on.


Saitama Prefecture S-sama Indoor

Thank you for your help.
Thank you for your wonderful support.

First of all, it was very nice to the touch.
The child was so gentle that he said, "I'm slippery when it's boring."
I think it's because everyone in the workshop carefully finished it.

We are also happy with the customization by order.
As for the color, I used a sample in advance to tell me the actual painting image, so
I was able to choose well.
The items that actually arrived are as you imagined, and they are familiar with the atmosphere of the floor and the room, even if the children are not playing.
It has a furniture-like atmosphere.
I think that I was able to ask for safety measures against the gaps between the braces in a convincing manner after consulting with me many times.

The children are still young and haven't fully utilized their functions,
There is already a battle every time, and I'm playing while saying wow.
I also talk to my wife that if you can engrave your height on one of the pillars, it will be a record for your family.
I will cherish it and use it for a long time.

Thank you again for your wonderful experience.


Fukushima Prefecture T-sama Indoor

Thank you for your support.
Yeah arrived safely last Friday, assembled on Saturday, and my two sons are playing well from Sunday.
The packaging was also polite, and I was able to assemble a beautiful Shiraki sushi without much effort.

The 1-year-old second son is just looking from below, but the 4-year-old eldest son is happily walking on the movable stool while saying "scary, scary". On the first day, I was sweating and playing until late at night.

From now on, it will be snowy in winter and it will be very hot in summer, so it will be difficult to go out, so I am really glad that I have a playset that allows me to move my body as much as I can at home. I am looking forward to the growth of children in the future.

I will send you the completed photo. I'm really thankful to you!


Ibaraki Prefecture S-sama Indoor

Thank you for the production and shipping of the escalade. I haven't gotten to the point of installing options and playing.

A 2-year-old kid slips on a slide and is delighted to grab an escalade.
Thank you for carefully finishing the painting.

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