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Representative Hirofumi Morinaga



Morinaga Hirofumi

It's been 25 years since I started working on woodworking at the earliest.

Starting from making a log house, I now make furniture, playsets, wooden toys and so on.

Trees are good, I love living surrounded by trees.

The gentle atmosphere of wood, the texture, and the warmth ...

It heals my tired body and for some reason I can relax.

Why don't you use such gentle wooden furniture?

At Kiiku Kobo, we make each and every item for you.

Please come visit us at the workshop.

Morinaga Hirofumi

Born April 1963

1987 Traveled around the world on a motorcycle. The experience at that time may have changed the rest of my life. !!

1992 Graduated from Kumamoto Prefectural Higher Technical Training School, Wood Craftsman

After training, at the age of 30, he started making original furniture using solid wood.

Currently, I am working hard every day with my four staff members sweating on my forehead.


Yuki Nishizawa


2011 Graduated from woodworking training school

2013 2014 Selected for Living Crafts Exhibition

With the feeling of "thank you" for the wonderful gift of nature, we aim to make things that are useful for our daily lives and will be loved for a long time.

I would be happy if I could bring a smile to my family with the products of Kiiku Kobo.


Yoshitaka Araki







Kubo public power

Production / design

Born in Kumamoto, only the priest entered in the 20's to the priesthood send a kettle and not youth what Kumamoto grew up

I've been involved in woodworking for 10 years, and I'm working on it every day.

2011 Graduated from Woodworking Vocational School

2013 Kumamoto Prefecture Living Crafts Exhibition Selected

We believe that new furniture is also a lifestyle proposal.


​千住 誠





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