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Playset rental at Kiiku Square (charged)

Woodworking classroom kits are also available for sale.

Please feel free to contact us!

Playground equipment rental list is here.

Tree Experience Factory-Experience Workshop for Children to Touch, Play, and Make-

Kiiku Kobo hosted a tree-rearing event in 2015, 2016, and 30 as part of the [Kumamoto Tree-contacting Tree-Raising Promotion Project]!

The playsets made at the Kiiku Kobo were lined up in the Kiiku Square, and the children were asked to play to their heart's content.

In the woodworking class, we prepared a total of eight types of kits and had them experience making things under the guidance of a woodworking instructor.

The total number of visitors is 1500 . It was a fun event where you can feel the trees with your whole body.


HAPPY PARK ~ City x Parenting x Amusement Park ~

We co-sponsored a child-rearing event held at Shinshigai Arcade and Hanabata Square in the center of Kumamoto City in May 2019.

The number of visitors is 10,000. The wooden plaza set up in the arcade was very busy from beginning to end, and many children enjoyed it.

The second will be held on November 30th and December 1st. (Kiiku Kobo participates only on December 1st)

Please enjoy touching the trees with your parents!


Activity results

October 2010 Started as a woodworking vocational training school

November 2011 Established Kiiku Kobo

April 2012 Showroom construction next to the workshop

May 2012 KKT "Televitamin" KAB "Satabura" TV appearance

August 2012 Kumamoto Forest Creation Support Fair

October 2012 Kumamoto Kenmin Department Store "Country Festival"

November 2012 Shaker stool class held

December 2012 Held the 1st Kiiku Kobo Exhibition (Kumamoto Crafts Center)

January 2013 Handmade fair opened

February 2013 Photo frame class held

May 2013 Kumamoto Kenmin Hyakkaten "Country Festival" opened

May 2013 Kyushu Camper Show Opened (Woodworking Class)

August 2013 Kumamoto Forest Creation Support Fair

August 2013 Held the 2nd Kiiku Kobo Exhibition (Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Museum)

September 2013 Selected for the 31st Living Crafts Exhibition

September 2013 Published in Kumamoto Shimbun Arenji

September 2013 Country fair opening

October 2013 Kumamoto Forest Creation Support Fair

November 2013 Kumamon x B: MING LIFE STORE Big Product Exhibition

November 2013 Opened Kenmin Hyakkaten "Country Festival"

January 2014 Handmade fair opened

February 2014 Warm Crafts Exhibition (Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Museum) opened

February 2014 Appeared on TKU "Katanne"

February 2014 Wooden spoon making class held

May 2014 Kyushu Camper Show Opened (Woodworking Class)

June 2014 Kiiku Kobo event "Hogaraka weather" held

July 2014 Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Museum "Ryo no Kogei Exhibition" opened

July 2014 Opened "Playing Living" in Iwataya, Fukuoka

September 2014 Selected for the 32nd Living Crafts Exhibition

November 2014 Kumamoto Bussan Fair opened

January 2015 Handmade fair opened

January 2015 Exhibited at Carbon Offset Trade Fair

January 2015 Exhibited at Kumamoto Sugi and Hinoki Exhibition

February 2015 Warm Crafts Exhibition Opened (Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Museum)

February 2015 Bean plate making class held

March 2015 Kiyama first market opening

May 2015 Kyushu Camper Show Opened (Woodworking Class)

May 2015 Kunugi no Oka Marche store opened

May 2015 Opened Marche store in Mifune

July 2015 Exhibited at Ryo's Crafts Exhibition (Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Museum)

July 2015 Bookshelf making class held

November 2015 1st Wood Experience Factory held

February 2016 Held the 2nd Wood Experience Factory

June 2016 Woodworking class Making wooden pendants Rolling burger

July 2016 Woodworking Class Mashiki Town Gathering Square Tonton

August 2016 Woodworking class Woodworking open space (play equipment rental)

Tree education open space using Kumamoto tree AEON MALL Kumamoto

August 2016 Kiiku Square (rental of playset) Mokumoku Park Summer Festival Miyazaki Yamagataya

August 2016 Woodworking class Making wooden pendants Rollin burger

September 2016 Familia Home "Additive-Free Market" Opened

September 2016 Woodworking class, woodworking plaza (playset rental) Kumamoto Airport Hotel Eminers

Autumn Beginning Festa

November 2016 Kiiku Square (rental of playset) Tanaka Timber Store Kiaisai

November 2016 Kiiku Hiroba (play equipment rental) Oyako play open space

Children's mental and physical growth support network

November 2016 Woodworking Class Masking Tape Case Making Rollin Burger

January 2017 Itsuki Village Wood Start Declaration Received the Itsuki Megumi Puzzle Grand Prize

March 2017 Woodworking Class Cafe Tray Making Rollin Burger

April 2017 Familia Home "Additive-Free Market" Opened

April 2017 Children's Tools Exhibition @ Shibuya Hikarie Exhibit

May 2017 Kyushu Sanko 30th Anniversary Great Thanksgiving Opening

February 2018 Opened Familia Home "Additive-Free Market"

March 2018 Woodworking Class Merimero Terrace Market

March 2018 Mokumoku Hiroba Woodworking Class

April 2018 Woodworking Class Coffee Drip Stand Making Rollin

June 2018 Familia Home "Additive-Free Market" Opened

June 2018 Woodworking class Making wooden charms Rolling burger

June 2018 Woodworking class Making wooden charms JA Otsu

July 2018 "RKK" welcome appearance

August 2018 Woodworking class Making children's chairs and pencil cases

September 2018 Healing space opening store Smartphone speaker making

October 2018 Woodworking class Tea spoon making Rollin burger

October 2018 Familia Home additive-free market opening

November 2018 Sponsored by Tree Experience Factory

December 2018 Toy Festival Woodworking Class

January 2019 Woodworking Class Smartphone Speaker Making Rollin Burger

May 2019 HAPPY PARK Sponsored Woodworking Square + Woodworking Class

June 2019 Woodworking Festival Woodworking Class

July 2019 Koto Bunko Woodworking Class

Playset rental at Ecoworks Thanksgiving in July 2019

October 2019 Woodworking Class Glasses Case Making Rollin Burger

October 2019 Familia Home `` Additive-Free Market'' Opened

November 2019 Introduced "Korokoro-kun", a wooden egg making machine

August 2020 Work experience AEON MALL Uki

September 2020 Heavy rain support Edge moyai × Kawatake nursery chair making woodworking class

October 2020 Wooden egg pool debut Pepe Peperan wood land


In November 2013, a collaboration between Kumamoto's traditional crafts and Beaming Life Store (BEAMS) was realized.

Kiiku Kobo made Kumamon Kids Chair and Kumamon Stool!

There is also a video of the production process.

Please have a look ♪

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